Personal stuff

I have been a husband for over 40 years, and father  for eighteen. Jameson, our only child was born 3 months after our 23rd wedding anniversary and has been a wonderful blessing in our lives. We have lived in Seacoast New Hampshire for over 30 years.

Professional Stuff

I am a currently a Sitecore Architect at NTT DATA working from home. Previously I worked for almost a decade at PixelMEDIA in Portsmouth NH focusing primarily on Web Content Management Systems. I code almost exclusively in C#, on ASP.NET. I’m  Sitecore Certified Developer and also have a lot of DotNetNuke experience. I started coding with VB 1.o and worked my way up to VB 6. When .NET was introduced, I made the switch to C# and haven’t looked back.
If you want to learn more about my career visit my Linked In profile. My old resume page is here but it’s about 10 years out of date.
Why is a Sitecore Developer’s personal site using WordPress?
I’ve never developed in PHP and think that this WordPress thing might just catch on 🙂 So I might want to learn more about it. I would never consider it for a complex data driven site, but for a simple personal site, it seems to work pretty well.