Kubota Garage Project

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Home Improvement

A Home for the Kubotas

We need an out-of-the-weather location to keep the Kubota BX25D compact tractor and Kubota Z122 zero-turn lawn mower.

We have several constraints that affect what we can build.

  • We have several trees near the property line we do not want to remove. This limits the width of the garage because I don’t want to land lock the backyard
  • We have two windows in the family room. These limit what we can do with the roof line.
    • Our first choice would have been matching the 12/12 pitch of the garage roof with the gable on the left. This is impossible because it would partially cover the family room windows.
    • We considered a shed roof but it would have had a very low pitch, likely 2/12.
  • The tractor’s ROPS is just a little taller than 7 feet. Because of this, we need to go with an 8′ tall garage door. (7′ is standard) There will be a door in both front and back of the garage.

Our solution is a flat roof with mansard style eves. There will be a very slight pitch to enable run-off, something like 1/2 – 12. We will put a short railing around the edge, to conceal the pitch, and make it look like a widow’s walk, roof deck. We will not have any access to the roof area, so are hoping we can keep the railing to 2 feet tall to keep the scale.

We are looking for a concrete contractor to pour the foundation and stem walls for the garage, as well as a general contractor who can frame and finish the structure.




Access to the area.


Written by Paul Tiemann